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TemplatesMarket Extension Gives Error while Installing?

If you are facing any issues in installing a Extension make sure to watch the tutorial and follow accordingly. If there is Manifest V 2 Error – Ignore the error and Clear all error. This Error Will be fixed in V9.0 Update and It doesn’t cause any issues in Accessing a tool.

How To Install TemplatesMarket Extensions?

You can watch Step by Step Video Tutorial To Install Extensions:-

What is WhatsApp Contact Number?

You can contact us on WhatsApp and Telegram Via below Buttons:-

Are Users Satisfied with our service?

Yes! All the users are satisfied with our services . You can Read Reviews on:-Trustpilot:-

What are Limitations on Tools?

Except for the limitations of the tools given below, there is no strict limit program for all the other tools. So check the limitations given below. Our tools are for one user only so we set the limit by calculating that. Ahrefs Limit       25 Keyword Research Daily       25 Domain…

What are your working hours?

Our working days are Monday to Sunday.   – Open 6:00 am – 00:00 am: Monday to Sunday (Indian Standard Time) – Close Sleeping Hours! 00:00am to 6:00 am (IST) – Team do need rest! Same Timing for Holidays also! We are Ready to help our users Everyday!