How to get your purchased item Delivered.

How to download purchased products?

NOTE: All your purchased products will be archived in TemplatesMarket Store and will never expire. You can access TemplatesMarket and download them any time you want. Step 1: Confirm your email and log in to TemplatesMarket Check in your email  Box/Spam Box. Search keyword “TemplatesMarket” to check Order Status. Email TemplatesMarket Order Status interface NOTE: Confirm…

What will happen if my product is not delivered?

You can Contact Us Via Chat To get Your Product Delivered! If We are Enable to delivery ,You will get a refund or exchange it for another product that costs the same amount.

What if my product have problems?

If your product has a problem, please send us a screenshot and tell us what’s your trouble. We will ask the developer to resolve it. If the problem cannot be resolved, we will get a refund or exchange it for another product. If you used product for 1 or a few years then it doesn’t…

Can I exchange my product for another one?

If your product isn’t work and the problem can not be resolved, you can contact us to exchange it. We only accept exchange for 2 times.

Where do I access my purchase(s)?

Login To Premium Dashboard With the Email and Password You used at Checkout. (If you already have an account, please Login with Your Email and Password)   Watch Further Tutorials. Once your order is complete, the product is shown on the Access Tools page, and you will also receive an email notification. You may also visit our site…